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Getting Started

Options abound for cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Deciding on style alone can be overwhelming and the prospect of the entire job can all but stop you in your tracks. But by doing homework up-front and taking it one step at a time, we can work through the process together. Our experience has taught us how to help you anticipate your job. And the more you can anticipate, the more we can help. Our customers have appreciated having these advance thoughts to get started.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Make a list of what you love and hate about your current space and then prioritize what you desire to change. Is it more cabinet space in the kitchen? More seating space or bar space? Do you need more light in your bathroom or more counter area and storage for cosmetics?

Consider Practical Things. Do you like to entertain and need space for people to gather in your kitchen? Do you have a lot of big pots and pans that need big sinks? Are you moving to a new house soon or staying put? (This can affect how “custom” you want to be with your choices.) If you are remodeling a bathroom, do you need the room to “grow-up” with your children, meaning bath time may turn into shower time some day? Be conscious of how and who uses the space.

It’s Good To Have Ideas. After you’ve set your priorities and considered the practical side of things, look through magazines or showrooms for style ideas. What are you drawn to? We are an authorized installer for five area Home Depot locations and we independently represent Cabinetry by Karman so we can supply you with lots of options. When we meet, we’ll go over your thoughts, and do some measuring to get a feel for possibilities. Then we’ll begin to bring those ideas to life.