Breese & Sons Construction Inc.

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Need a new kitchen?

Here’s how it goes:  you invite friends over for dinner. You clean the house, open the chips n’ dip and fluff the sofa pillows. But when guests comes through the front door, they walk past all that and head straight for the one room you’d rather they not be in – the kitchen. The cramped, dingy, outdated kitchen, full of pots, pans and chaos. Ready or not, here they come. Usually in groups.

Nothing takes the fun out of cooking or entertaining like a kitchen that needs remodeling, or a bath or patio that’s less than inviting. These are the three most often used living spaces in a Southern California home and they deserve to be in tip-top shape, for you and for your company. Breese and Sons are ready to help. Even a little attention can make an old space livable. And a little more attention can make it spectacular. Isn’t it time you loved your home again?